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The Full Story

Our Chief Sparker

Founded by filmmaker Corey Beasley with the help of writer/producer Livia Beasley. Our team brings 20+ years of creative experience and a diverse base of clients: from major networks and premiere production houses, to commercial agencies and top branding companies. Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, SPARK PIXEL can help you find your story and bring your vision to life. 


Our mission at Spark Pixel is to light up communities using beautiful videography. Our prosocial content, promotions, and documentary programming use cinematic storytelling to spark connection and positive action. We love to help brands and businesses tell their story and connect with their audience, regardless of genre, scale, or platform using videography. 


A filmmaker with mastery in cinematography, visual effects, and editing, Corey Beasley heads up the production boutique Spark Pixel. He brings a strong creative aesthetic, problem solving, and craft to his role. Prior to this venture, Corey spent 20 years working on television series, features, and commercials as either a cinematographer, motion graphic designer, compositor, or 3d artist. Corey is also the filmmaker and Pixel Wrangler of Pixel & Pebble.

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