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  • What is video marketing?
    Video marketing is simply using video content for the marketing of your business. Whether you sell a product or service or software, video marketing a great way to inform your audience about what you have to offer!
  • What makes a video good for marketing?
    We believe that if the video shows the product or service and staff in a nice light, its good for your business. If its shot poorly or the audio is over modulated, it will impact how your company is viewed. We believe a high quality interview of the owner or staff, along with nice visuals of staff performing the work make for a really nice video. Before and after shots work really nice. Talking to the public is a great way to build trust!
  • What are the different types of video marketing?
    Video marketing comes in a few flavors. Some videos that we do and do really well are testimonials, case studies, promos and business documentary (introductory) videos. These are all great to introduce your business, your product or service and show social proof that your company is worthy of trust.
  • Is video effective for marketing?
    We believe so! Why? It communicates a message much quicker and more effectively than simply text or a photo. But don't just take our word for it! 94% of marketers say that using video content has helped their understanding of a product or service.
  • Can video marketing help my business?
    You bet it can! Most business can benefit from saving time and having a few more clients. Video saves you the hassle of explaining what you do over and over. And if you can't take on more clients, use video for recruiting!
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    We use Panasonic cameras, lenses, gimbals, Aputure LED lights, stands, microphones, Mac computers with many softwares.
  • Can you add subtitles to your videos?
    We can! We have several different options.
  • What is videography?
    Videography is simply the merging of video and sound capture into one! Traditionally in film, the audio capture was performed by a audio recordist and the video was captured by a camera operator. But with the invention of video cameras that have audio inputs, video and sound can now be captured together. Although that does tend to make the camera operators job a little harder. But not impossible!
  • Does videography include editing?
    It does! A videographer should be able to capture and edit.
  • Do you add voice overs and music?
    We do if the video needs it. Most videos will have music and some will have voice over.
  • How long should my online video be?
    It depends on where its being displayed and for what purpose. We recommend longer videos for websites and youtube and shorter videos for social.
  • Does my business/company need videography?
    All businesses can benefit from having some video. Video is very popular and easy to watch and understand. If the business has a product or service to sell, a video is a great way to communicate that.
  • What are included in your video production services packages?
    This is up to you! Most packages include a longer form video with smaller videos for social.
  • What video production services do you offer?
    We offer video for both social media platforms and for search engines and websites.
  • Who can book your video production services?
    Anyone except weddings! Sorry folks. We specialize only in business video or corporate video. So if you are a business owner or CEO with an idea, startup, small to mid size business or organization, we've got you covered!
  • What does the video production process involve?
    Planning, writing, scouting, shooting and then editing!
  • How much does video and animation production cost?
    This depends so much on a many factors. How many videos there are, how long they are, how many versions are there, etc. But also, how many locations are we filming in and where, how many people we are interviewing, and are there any special considerations like talent or visual efffects. Most jobs are custom jobs. We are happy to meet with you and discuss pricing.
  • Why is video strategy important?
    Its important because not every type of video does well on each platform. Some platforms have audiences looking for entertainment while others are looking for information.
  • Do you have examples of a video strategy or video portfolio I can see?
    We do! Our services section has many of our current projects featured. And we are happy to share strategies on a zoom call!
  • What is the main purpose of a video strategy?
    To get the word out to your target audience on as many different platforms that your audience hangs out on as possible.
  • How do you plan video content?
    We first meet with our clients to learn as much about their business as possible. We look at their current marketing to see how well its performing. We also look to see if their business is easily found on google. If not, we'll make certain recommendations to help in these areas.
  • Do I need a video strategy for my business?
    You do unless you are fine with throwing time and money out the window!
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