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How Spark Pixel Video Productions Helped the PA Wilds Marketplace

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your services or products in an effective and engaging way. That’s why companies like Spark Pixel Video Productions exist—to help businesses like yours stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at how we helped the PA Wilds Marketplace with their video production needs to not only encourage membership, but introduce the Marketplace as a place to find handcrafted products by local PA artists.

The Problem:

The PA Wilds Marketplace wanted to increase their online presence and needed a promotional video that was both interesting and informative for their customers. They were also looking for a way to showcase their small business members and artists and highlight all the great crafts and products that can be found on the PA Wilds Marketplace.

The Process:

Spark Pixel Video Productions worked closely with the client to come up with a concept that would effectively bring attention to their Marketplace and its members while also delivering emotional personal stories about the artists and their journey's. We interviewed 4 local business owners and gathered beauty footage of their shops throughout the region. By working through each step in detail with the client, we were able to gain valuable insight into what exactly it was that they needed to create an effective video that would meet all of their objectives.

Challenges & Solutions:

Two of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was coordinating the production schedule and locations being spread out all through Pennsylvania. First, with all the people involved and their schedules being flexible because of the pandemic, it made it hard to get everyone on the same page and to get the filming done quickly.

Second, with all the different artists spread out over the vast PA Wilds region we didn't have the benefit of a location scout. Filmmaking requires a lot of thought, planning and heavy gear. And we needed to find ways to capture beauty footage but on-the-fly filming was not going to work for this type of cinematic documentary. To get around this issue, we did zoom calls with the artists and did virtual site visits with their smart phones. And we looked at an array of google photos of each location. This allowed me to plan carefully the shots and gear needed to capture stunning visuals while still keeping the cost low, and the artists comfortable.

In addition, we worked hard to make sure every scene was shot correctly and edited seamlessly so as not to draw away from any important messages conveyed within the video itself. This required countless hours of reviewing footage and refining it until it met both theirs and their artist's standards for quality content creation.

In the end, Spark Pixel Video Production’s efforts paid off! The final product was a well-crafted promotional video about some of the amazing crafts and artisans available on PA Wilds Marketplace. The video increased visibility for the artisans and encouraged more membership to The PA Wilds Marketplace. We believe the video has also encouraged customers to visit the site and to buy products from there.

We believe the planning and hard work has benefited everyone involved. By taking on the challenges head-on and utilizing innovative solutions paired with creative storytelling techniques, Spark Pixel Video Productions created something truly special for its client—one which will help them reach even greater heights in no time!

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