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Pennsylvania Video Production

Be the Business Owner

that owns a thriving business.

Watch your business gain and grow.

Enjoy its success with less effort.

Don't you want your business to succeed?
Do you want to stop wasting time and money?


Have you ever worried that your business will fail?  Are you wasting a lot of time chasing down sales that go nowhere?  Are you losing business to the competition? Are you spending too much time or energy on marketing or video? Did you know that video and marketing does not have to be expensive to be effective? Most business owners struggle with these same issues. We help ease these headaches.


Man Holding Camera

We have heard our clients' concerns. We have designed strategies that have made the difference.

We have delivered.

Are you ready to have your business grow like wildfire?

Trust Built

Sales Increased

Business Won


How is the Spark created...?

..with the right Video Marketing Strategy designed to attract your target audience. One slick video often isn't the answer. You will need several to communicate all you have to offer.  And people need to see it and engage with it! Even the highest quality video will do nothing for your business if no one sees it.

Strategize icon

Step 1: Strategize

Spark Pixel works with you for long-term success. As a digital content studio, we will plan a video marketing and digital video campaign that works across all your social channels. 


It’s about results, not flash.

Create Icon

Step 2: Create

Spark Pixel creates videos with the right message for your business.

Each video promo or commercial has the highest quality production, carefully selected music, and impeccable attention to detail, all working together to create the Spark that makes people stop and watch.

Publish icon

Step 3: Publish

Now its time to take the video content and create that Spark!

These videos, in all of their various forms, will live across all your social channels. Watch your brand awareness and engagement shoot up!

Watch our Free intro to Video Marketing semiar.

Start enjoying your businesses success now!

Coming Soon!


Film Equipment
Spark Business Growth With Video Marketing

What can Spark Pixel Video Marketing do?

Success stories.

A landscaper losing jobs for being “overpriced”…

Our B-roll video showed the landscaper’s fleet of vehicles, creative team, and complex process. Clients understood the quality of work, and he never had to hear “Why does it cost so much?” again.

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See how we do it!

Studio Set Up
Man working the color correction Davinci board


Spark growth with strategic video marketing that bring your business to life.

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