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Our Work

As a Videographer and Video Marketing Strategist, we love having the opportunity to partner with our clients and put together beautiful work together. It has been such a pleasure to work with a diverse range of businesses throughout the years.


Here are some of the types of video we offer.

walkman graphic

Brand Story Promos

Educate and pre-qualify clients, show why your work is worth the price, or tell your company’s story with a home page video. (Video increases your SEO ranking, too.)

artisans brand video demo reel

Social Media Promos

Grow your online presence or get the word out about a new product. Clients see a huge jump in engagement when they use our videos on social media.

shoppers in bellefonte social media promos

BRoll and Montage Videos

Connect emotionally to customers with a camera fly-through or portfolio video that conveys how your brand feels. With no speech, B-roll is a cost-effective way to stand out.

chefs and HVAC contractor broll video demo reel

Testimonials and Case Studies

Win more jobs with testimonial or case study videos. The human touch of video gives you more like-know-trust factor than plain text ever could.

contruction and non profit testimonial demo reel

Educational Videos and Tips

Create educational videos and promos for a family audience. Make employee recruitment and training videos. Shorten sales cycles with YouTube tip videos that show you are the thought leader at the top of your field, building relationships and trusts.

kids science musuem educational video demo reel

Short Narrative Films and Graphics

Spark Pixel creates the videos you need to reach your goals. We make documentaries, commercials, product promo videos, motion graphics videos, narrative short films, and more.

title for documentary film
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